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Cellular services affected due to power breakdown in Karachi

KARACHI: After heavy downpour in Karachi, the cellular services in the city have also been affected after prolonged power breakdown, ARY News reported on Friday.

The users of different telecom services providers are facing outages due to prolonged power breakdown after terrifying rain in the city, yesterday.

Due to prolonged power failure in the city many towers are out of service and generators are shut because there’s no fuel to power them. Several towers and their switch rooms were also damaged.

Some 650 feeders of K-electric trip alongside various Pad Mouted Transformers (PMT)  succumed to faults on Thursday after heavy and incessant downpour, suspending power supply across 60 per cent of Karachi.

Due to the low lying topography of various parts of Karachi, the water deluged into K-electric centres paralyzing electric supply to about 60 per cent of the metropolis.

Due to water accumulation in various areas, continuing electric supply can be dangerous, said K-electric in response to power outages.



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