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Pakistan’s favourite ‘Chaiwala’ resurfaces with an important message!

Social media can make anybody star overnight and vice versa! One such guy from Pakistan popularly known as ‘Chaiwala’ with velvet eyes saw his life changed when his portrait spread around the Internet.

Later, he was crammed with modeling offers and he became the cynosure on the mainstream media as well. With a real name Arshad Khan, he had no idea he had set the Internet alight from Pakistan to India and beyond, though he had no phone, and couldn’t even read.

But what he is up to now?

A few days back Arshad Khan shared a message with his fans about his biggest regret, where he spoke about his lack of education after which the video went viral.

He advises everyone to first complete their education before heading towards any of the vocational goals. “I could not complete my education and this is the biggest regret of my life.”

Here’s his complete message


In the candid photograph, snapped by a passing photographer and posted on Instagram, Khan prepares Pakistan’s ubiquitous milk tea, his blue green eyes looking frankly into the camera.

The third of 17 children, Khan has never been to school. He said, in one of the interviews during that time, that he hoped his newfound fame would allow him to “move forward”.

It set social media users swooning, with the 18-year-old’s image shared tens of thousands of times since October 14, 2016



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