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How is the Chai Wala handling his new found fame?

Arshad Khan, the’teary-eyed’ chaiwalla made an appearance on ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ on ARY Digital where he candidly spoke about his life and the new found fame.

Arshad received overnight fame and celebrity status after his picture circulated on social media not only developed admirers across the border in India, but has now also made an appearance on media channels across the world.

Now Arshad has his own personal assistant (no kidding) along with three other people including his uncle.

It was a normal day for Arshad when he was swarmed by inquisitive media persons who had arrived to take his pictures. Much to his surprise he came to know that his picture had gone viral.


Arshad, aged 17, is the third of seventeen siblings. He had never been to school and cannot read or write. He also does not have a mobile phone or has ever used the internet. Also, he had no idea when his photograph was taken.

Arshad is new to the chai-business and had been working since the last three months, but previously has worked as grocery seller in the same Sunday bazaar market in Islamabad. Arshad lives in a small thatched house near Golra Station in Islamabad with his entire family the youngest of which is just two weeks old.

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He said that his parents were initially worried about his overnight fame but they were convinced by his uncle and have shown their blessings.

If you are curious when Arshad intends to tie the knot, you would be disappointed that he had no intention, and ardently believes to marry those who his parents approve.

Yes Arshad has made some bucks but his priority is to care for his family member. However, he also went out shopping and bought a new white shalwar-kameez which he is seen wearing on the show.


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