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“Don’t make Karachi operation controversial for one important person,” Nisar tells Sindh govt

The Federal Interior Minister began his speech by saying that an operation was launched two and a half years ago against terrorists. He said that since the operation was going on in Sindh, the PPP will be consulted on all matters related to it and the captain of this operation will be Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah.

Chaudhry Nisar also said that the operation was held in accordance with the assent, wishes and advice of all political parties of Karachi. He pointed out that in 2013, MQM’s Farooq Sattar had requested Pakistan Army to to take control control of the city. As far as this operation was concerned, he said that there had been cooperation between the Federal and Provincial governments.

Praising former DG Rangers General Rizwan Akhtar, Nisar said that the general was a professional person who had laid the foundation of Karachi operation. Nisar also said that he had told Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah that if the law and order situation in the city suffers, people will point fingers at the Chief Minister. The Interior Minister also said that he had not taken credit for the accomplishments that had been achieved during the course of this operation.

Chaudhry Nisar also said that he had provided his full support and cooperation for both the civil and armed forces. Expressing his disappointment, Nisar said that efforts were being made to retract the operation. He said that if anyone had reservations or apprehensions regarding the operation, then they should be expressed in meetings rather than in public statements.  If the provincial government maintains law and order situation in the city normalises, then Rangers would be sent to the barracks.

“On one hand, the armed forces are ready to lay down their lives. On the other hand, you are issuing provocative statements and leaking news? How will they be able to carry out their work, if you don’t support the armed forces?”

The Interior Minister also said that it had been one week since Rangers were without powers in the province and since two weeks, the Interior Ministry was phoning Sindh Home Ministry, to ask them to approve the file. Nisar also said that the whole Rangers issue was being taken to a troublesome level.

“I request everyone not to make this issue controversial. Do not make the Rangers, who are a professional, competent and patriotic force, subject to controversy.”
Nisar also said that he was informed that all of this was being done for one important person or for his personal, political benefit. Rangers were doing a national obligation and for that, they had the mandate of the people, said the Interior Minister.

Karachi operation was initiated to maintain… by arynews
Nisar also said that Rangers were present in Sindh according to the Counter-terrorism law. Despite their open reservations, even MQM had stressed the need for the Karachi operation to go on. He also said that MQM wanted to bring about peace in the city, then why didn’t the provincial government show the same resolve? He said that all issues and reservations could be solved through dialogue.

“If the decision is not taken, then I will present some points before the Prime Minister,” he said. “If the accusations do not persist, then I will present Dr. Asim’s video and all written evidence in public.”
He also said that if allegations will not stop, he will also present JIT report in public.



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