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Chef makes world’s largest scrambled egg

A team of chefs came together in Colombia to cook up scrambled eggs that weighed 6,860.8 pounds, certified as the world’s largest.

Fenavi, the National Federation of Poultry Farmers of Colombia, teamed with the city of Soacha to cook the approximately 62,000 eggs in a pan measuring nearly 40 feet long.

Guinness official, who was also present there, has declared 6,860.8-pound batch of scrambled eggs as largest scrambled eggs ever cooked.

The resulting eggs were distributed for free at two locations in the city, and the shells from the eggs are being ground for use as fertilizer, officials said.

Last year in October, the largest scrambled eggs weighs 2,466 kg (5,436 lb 9.58 oz) was made by Inicia Ltée (Mauritius) in Bagatelle, Mauritius.

The recipe consisted of eggs, butter, milk, salt and pepper and took over two hours to cook. More than 250 people were involved in the preparation and over 10,000 portions of scrambled eggs were distributed for consumption.



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