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Chef Sara Riaz looses her fight with cancer

Renowned chef, Sara Riaz, associated with ARY Zauq breathed her last on Thursday morning, whilst she was laid to rest here after the Friday prayers – ARY News reports.

Sara Riaz was fighting against breast cancer and was at a hospital under precarious condition, since last week. She had no children and has left behind her husband.

Sara had a cooking experience of over 20 years, apart from her recipes; she was loved by millions of fans nationwide and abroad for her kind nature.

The renowned chef also appeared at various morning shows for imparting advice relating to healthy and delicious cooking. Sara had also set up a small training institute at her home located in North Nazimabad Town, where a number of girls used to visit her and learnt professional recipes.

The renowned chef was widely acknowledged and profoundly loved by her friends and colleagues for her gentle and kind attitude.

In the end, 'the body dies, but the love lives on. She continues to live in our hearts, and always will', may her soul rest in peace-amen.



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