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Terrifying footage: Child snatched from mother’s arms on crowded road

Horrifying footage caught on the camera as the baby is snatched from a mother by two kidnappers speeding away on a bike in Guatemala.

A CCTV footage emerged showing baby snatchers speed up to the mother as she walks along a crowded street in Guatemala and pull the young baby boy from her arms after a violent struggle.

In the footage, the mother can be seen walking up the street holding her baby in Zacapa, Guatemala seconds before the kidnappers attack. The two baby snatchers can be seen crossing the street inching towards her on a motorbike.

The pillion rider on the bike jumps off and wrenches the baby while his partner in crime gets ready to speed away.

The mother puts up resistance against the snatchers, attempting to grab her baby back, but the man hits her and knocks her to the ground after the 25-second struggle.

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While a stray dog can be seen running up to the kidnappers to try and intervene but none of the other bystanders witnessing the abduction tried to play a part.

Police claimed it found the abducted child on an abandoned railway station and reunited him with the family

Later on, it was revealed that the child, abducted from her mother on September 30, was found at an abandoned railway station shortly after the kidnapping.

The reason the men snatched the child before abandoning it has not been revealed.

No arrests have been made as yet, however, the police confirmed they had recovered the young boy and reunited him with his parents.



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