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Alarming: Child snatcher knocked down while trying to ‘abduct’ four-year-old

A viral video from South Africa documented an infuriating event of a man trying to snatch a four-year-old girl as she sat with her mother on a cafe table. The mother, however, brave and resolute, held on to her daughter until nearby men came over for help and relieved the family.

The shocking video details two women and a girl sitting in a restaurant in South Africa when a 24-year-old man paced up to them and grabbed the four-year-old from neck to ‘abduct’ her. The mother, horrified but unrelenting, leapt across the table to reclaim her daughter did not let go of her until help arrived.

She is pulled across the table by him as she holds on desperately to the child and the other woman tries to stop the attacker.The restaurant owner immediately showed up to rescue and grappled the attacker to the ground until police arrived.

Owner of the restaurant can be seen pinning down the ‘abductor’ as he chokes him in a neck-hold

The owner grabbed hold of the attacker and pulled him down to the ground, holding him down in a leg lock.

More people came from off the street to help pin the attacker down as the women and child run away to safety.

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