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Passengers fly from seats in shocking video of bus accident in China

ZHUZHOU: A shocking video has surfaced on the social media in China showing horrific bus crash but miraculously only one person sustained an injury, thanks to seat belts.

The 54-second CCTV footage captured the interiors of a bus, when it got hit by a car. The passengers, who were strapped by seat belts, stayed firmly confined to their seats, however the others were literally thrown off their seats.

The crash happened and the bus, which was on a highway in Zhuzhou City in China’s central province of Hunan, overturned. While, the footage clearly shows the strong impact of the accident, according to reports, only one person was gravely injured during the accident.

“In the video, we can see that the female passenger in white clothes didn’t wear a seat belt. The bus was driving very fast on the highway, and she was thrown out of her seat due to strong inertia when the accident happened,” Lan Feng was quoted as saying by ABC Action News.

“However, the passengers who wore seat belts were firmly fixed on their seats,” Lan added.

The dramatic footage is a grave reminder why seat belts should be made available for bus commuters in India, where road accidents claim 17 lives every hour, according to the latest report released by the Union road transport and highways ministry.



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