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China can enter Kashmir on Pakistan’s behalf: Chinese media

BEIJING: After China’s blunt proclamation of safeguarding its security interests at any cost as its sovereignty was “indomitable”, amid a standoff with India in the Sikkim sector, Chinese state-run daily has warned India that China can enter India-occupied Kashmir on Pakistan’s invitation.

An editorial titled “Time for a second lesson for forgetful India” in the Global Times accused India of transgressing China’s borders and trying Chinese people’s patience in the ongoing standoff.

The editorial warns India that China too can enter India-held Kashmir on Pakistan’s behalf. It referred that extraordinary Chinese move could be taken in view of Indian stance when its troops also entered into Doklam from the China-Sikkim border.


Urging China to remind India of the 1962 war debacle, the editorial said that New Delhi’s bravado was never backed by substance when it came to taking on China’s military might. In the two week-long war, the Chinese army invaded India and marched up to the Brahmaputra before unilaterally withdrawing to the pre-war borders.

Bhutan, which has no diplomatic ties with China, is also a party to the dispute as the Doka La area comes under its territory. However, the editorial dismissed Thimpu (capital city of Bhutan) as New Delhi’s “vassal” and “protectorate”.

The hard-hitting editorial also accused India of harbouring Dalai Lama in order to launch terror attacks in China.

China army

“Underneath the Dalai Lama’s façade of peace, there lies a trace of violence at least half a century old. Immediately after he fled to India in 1959, the Dalai Lama became the CIA’s henchman in engaging in a terrorist guerrilla war on China” it read.

The editorial added that China was concerned about improving its own road connectivity in the border areas and not bothered about the quality of road in India.

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