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China provides high-tech drones to help Pakistan combating locusts

ISLAMABAD: China has provided 12 T16 high-tech farm drones to Pakistan to help combat swarms of locusts that are damaging crops across the country.

China will also send technical support staff to operate the drones and train local operators, Radio Pakistan reported on Friday.

The operator can control five drones at the same time without actually being on the field. T16 is one of the most advanced agricultural drones which can also dodge obstacles automatically.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ministry for Food Security and Research on June 21 announced that they are looking to initiate a program against locust swarm infestation in the country with the help of World Bank (WB).

According to a notification issued by the ministry on the matter, World Bank has offered an amount of $200 million to fend off and kill the locust swarms overwhelming agricultural land in Pakistan.

An additional $150 million were also promised by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to help the country fight the critters.

The project titled ‘LEAFS’ has been mulled upon by the ministry and a response will be given to the World Bank which is at the helm of the project after approvals.



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