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Chinese engineers, police ‘become friends again’ after brawl

KABIRWALA: The Chinese engineers working on the Motorway-4 project near Kabirwala and Special Protection Unit (SPU) personnel, who indulged in a brawl after verbal aggression earlier this week, decided on Saturday to bury the hatchet, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the two sides resolved their differences amicably during a meeting in Kabirwala.

The Chinese after being found guilty of starting the fight by a probe committee, offered an apology to the police personnel, becoming friends again.

Afterwards, both sides chanted slogan ” Long Live Pakistan-China friendship.”

On April, 04, the Chinese, working on M4 Motorway from Bahawalpur to Faisalabad, entered into an argument with the local police over security, later triggering both sides to trade blows at each other.

Video of the incident is now going viral on the social media. The fight took place in Kabirwala tehsil of Khanewal.

According to reports, the Chinese engineers tried to leave their camp without security. But the police officials tried to stop them reminding it’s not recommended to leave without security. This infuriated the Chinese officials and argument ensued.

The Chinese engineers lashed out at the security officers and the project engineer, identified as Danny, reportedly threw a chair at the squad incharge. To further escalate the situation, another Chinese citizen climbed on top of a police mobile. In a further provocation, the Chinese citizens cut off electricity supply to the police camp.

The local police tried to take the situation under control by locking the Chinese citizens in their camps.

It just didn’t end here; the Chinese workers stopped work on the project Wednesday morning and abandoned heavy machinery and vehicles on various roads in the area. They also resorted to violence and attacked police in their camp.

They also wrote a letter to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, claiming that police officials refrained them from performing their duties and attacked them.



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