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Army takes control of Chotu Gang bunkers

As the operation launched into its final phase, the army went forward with their offensive against the notorious Chotu Gang in Rajanpur district and successfully gained control of the entire area except for the Kacha Jamal island area. Army commandos used heavy weapons to fire upon the hideouts of the notorious gang.

Militants from the Chotu Gang have fled to nearby cities Shikarpur and Kandhkot due to the military offensive.

Various hideouts of the Chotu Gang were destroyed by soldiers and members of the gang left their posts after the army used artillery to fire upon them. The whole area sounded off with loud explosions and gunshots from the operation.

A curfew has been imposed in the area from 08:00 am till 01:00 pm. Chotu Gang members are being aerially scoped by helicopters and drones.

The Chotu Gang has been notorious for operating in Punjab. The infamous gangs have been involved in acts of robbery, looting, murder and kidnapping. Twenty-four hostages have been kidnapped by the Chotu Gang.

The army was called in to clear the area of militants after Punjab police failed to secure the area and apprehend the terrorists.



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