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Shahbaz Sharif denies ‘kickbacks’ allegations in Multan Metro Bus project

LAHORE: Calling for provision of evidences against allegations on him, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday denied allegations of receiving kickbacks worth Rs3 billion in Multan Metro Bus project.

Addressing a press conference here, the chief minister said bogus allegations were being levelled against the provincial government.

“If there are evidences of corruption against the provincial government, should be presented in next 48 hours,” he urged.

“Even if misappropriation of a single penny is proven then the public may hold me accountable,” CM Sharif added.

He announced to serve legal notices to those indulged in defaming him and the provincial government.

“Multan metro project is being subjected to an unwarranted criticism,” he asserted, adding that false claims were being with regard to offering contracts to two companies after receiving kickbacks.

“One of those two companies does not exist,” he added.

During the presser, the chief minister said those leveling allegations of corruption against his government were the ones who have taken over lands worth billions of rupees.

CM Punjab said that he has been serving the masses in the province selflessly, adding that those branding him as corrupt politician should be ashamed.

“Such allegations will have its adverse impacts on ties with friendly states,” he further said.



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