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CM Sindh breakfasts at Quetta-wala’s hotel

He was on a visit to different parts of the city to personally review cleanliness situation and other rain-related issues.


On the way, he stopped by a roadside hotel (which are famously called Quetta-wala’s hotel) to have breakfast along his secretary and other officials.

After they had finished breakfast, Murad realized that he had left his wallet at home, so he borrowed money from his secretary to pay the bill. Commissioner Karachi Ejaz Ahmed was also present on the occasion.


Some residents of the area accosted him for chit-chat. One of them talked about Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor’s movie ‘Nayak’ in which the hero having moustache like Murad Shah becomes CM for one day and brings some immediate improvement. Shah denied watching that film and said he was the CM for real.

The CM poked a joke over an instruction written on wall of the hotel about political talks. “Do not talk with me politics here please, lest somebody complains about me and the hotel owner gets me jailed.”

Before he left the hotel, the residents took selfies with him. He was happy that the hotel was not expensive.

CM Sindh takes breakfast at Quetta-wala’s hotel by arynews



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