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WATCH: Several waterspouts appear on coastline in rain season

WALES: Several waterspouts have Tuesday been spotted and captured on camera off the coast of New South Wales, Australia as rainy weather batters the state.

The phenomenon was seen on the Mid North Coast and captured on camera by locals and passersby.

At one point, at least five waterspouts were seen off the coast, with the moment being snapped and uploaded to social media.


Another video, posted to Facebook, shows the waterspouts emerging from dark clouds, near a paddock filled with cows.

Waterspouts, which look like slender tornadoes, only occur over water.

They’re not uncommon off the east coast of Australia, but are more likely to be seen in later summer and autumn, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. They can be dangerous for boaters but pose no threat to people or property on land.

The waterspouts spotted on Tuesday didn’t cause any damage.

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They were seen after a severe thunderstorm warning was issued, and later revoked, for the Mid North Coast where more than 25mm of rain fell in some areas during the day.

The rain is set to continue for the next two days before easing on Friday.



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