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A whole family of cockroaches lived inside this man’s ear?

Cockroaches can sometime make life hell for anyone by roaming around the house or laying eggs in anyone’s kitchen but laying eggs in anyone’s ear is extraordinary.

The incident was reported at Sanhe Hospital in Huiyang District, a place in South China’s Guangdong Province with Mr Lv.

He went to a doctor with a complain of sharp pain in his  right ear while asleep and during medical examination it was revealed that not only one or two a female cockroach has laid around 10 eggs in Lv’s ear.

Narrating his incident, the patient said that as soon as he felt pain, his family put a torch into his right ear to found out an unbelievable scene of a large cockroach roaming inside.

The doctors who treated him said that he was brought to the hospital with complaint of something scratching in his ear, causing pain and discomfort.

The doctors, who treated him for a cockroach were astonished to found out 10 more cockroach babies inside, which hails from the family of German cockroach (Blattella germanica).

“We took out the tiny insects along with their mother from Lv’s ear using a pair of tweezers,” said Doctor Zhong adding that the patient only suffered minor injuries in ear canal and was discharged on the same day with ointment and cream prescribed for further treatment.

The doctors revealed that the parasite might have entered his ear as the patient had a habit of leaving unfinished food packets around his bed.

In order to avoid such incident happening with others, the doctors further advised that one should not only maintain household hygiene but also use nets on doors and windows and disinfect drains sewers to avoid spread of mosquitos and cockroaches.



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