Comic convention enthralls fans in Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan’s biggest comic convention to date was held in Karachi’s Dolmen City Mall with comic book fans and enthusiasts met with local graphic book writers, ARY News reported.

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The three day convention with the name of ‘Dastaan-e-Pakistan Comic Convention ended on Sunday provided comic fans of the city to engage with local comic and graphic artists like Syed Jeem, Babrus Khan and Areesha Khawaja.

Even newer visitors to this comic book territory came to know about services like A.K Toonify, a company providing unique service of custom made toons.

Concept artist Raheel Ahmad Khan impressed everyone with “The Lost Gem of Moen-jo-Daro”, a story of a boy’s adventure who visits ruins of Mohenjo Daro and accidently finds a secret passage that nobody has ever found. Inside, he finds a gem which contains some strange energy and when it touches water it opens wormholes that allow one to travel back in time.

Mugs and T-shirts with local and foreign comic icons along with DC and Marvel comics were being sold at stalls. The true highlight of the event was mugs and t-shirts painted with the evergreen Uncle Sargam and Ainak Wala Jin’s Nastoor.

Comic fans graced the event with a necessary Cosplay portraying characters they love.



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Comic convention enthralls fans in Karachi

by Anees Hanif