Cop killed, 10 injured in Shikarpur suicide blast during Eid prayers

SHIKARPUR: A policeman was killed and two others injured in a suicide blast during Eid prayers in Shikarpur’s Khanpur tehsil this morning.

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Police also foiled a separate suicide blast at an imambargah in the tehsil. It is learnt that two suicide attackers infiltrated Khanpur during Eid prayers.

They targeted an Eid prayer ground where one attacker blew himself up, injuring at least 10 people. The other attacker managed to flee the scene.

Besides, two other attackers targeted an imambargah but were stopped by police at the entrance after their suspicious appearance.

One was killed by the police on the spot, while another one was captured alive.

The apprehended suicide bomber, identified as Usman, said that a person named Umar had dropped him off near the imambargah.

Usman claimed that he arrived at Shikarpur on Monday and was staying at a hotel.

He also claimed that a substance was injected into his blood and he was given Rs. 4500.

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