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Coronavirus prankster that forced owner to throw away $35000 worth of food, caught

A Pennsylvania woman who allegedly coughed on $35,000 worth of grocery store products claiming she was ill in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in a cruel prank has been arrested.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Margaret Cirko, 35, was charged with terrorist threats on Thursday, one day after she allegedly entered Gerrity’s Supermarket and coughed all over its products.

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On Wednesday she entered the busy store and threatened patrons, saying she was sick then intentionally coughed and spat on fresh produce and other items in the store, Hanover Township Police said.

She continued this behavior ‘in several aisles before attempting to steal a 12-pack of beer as she was being ordered to leave the store by employees’, police said.

Supermarket employees disinfect the shelves after a woman coughed over them in an apparent coronavirus prank on Wednesday

Cirko is not believed to be infected with COVID-19, but the store owners had no choice but to throw out some of the merchandise she coughed worth more than $35,000 including fresh produce, some bakery products, meat and other shelves of goods.

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After the incident the store deep cleaned its shelves to assure it was safe.

The store and health inspector of the area worked together to identify every area the suspect was in and the store was scrubbed clean by more than 15 employees, putting the store’s safety protocols to the test.



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