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Looters burdened Pakistan with debt, says Chohan

LAHORE: Punjab’s Information and Culture Minister, Fayazul Hassan Chohan on Monday questioned ” how come the corrupt people appearing before accountability courts showing victory signs?”

Expressing his views while addressing a ceremony held in Lahore, he said  ” I’m unable to find the logic behind victory signs being shown by the corrupt people while appearing before the courts in graft references filled against them.”

Have they done anything remarkable by embezzling nation’s resources, he continued.

“Corrupt people are posing as heroes but I assure you that those who put tax payers’ money into their pockets, cannot be forgiven for their wrongdoings.” said Mr. Chohan.

Terming  corruption the “root cause” for the present economic crunch, the minister said debt burden has surged by 36billion dollars during last 10 years.

Lashing out at opposition, Punjab’s information minister maintained “they [opposition parties] start hue and cry whenever progress made into corruption cases.”

” Who misused national exchequer and filled their pockets, masses cannot be kept into darkness anymore,” contended the minister.

Fayyazul Hassan Chohan in a recent statement had slammed Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) over maligning the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to escape accountability.

Talking to journalists, Fayyazul Hassan Chohan had said that NAB is an independent body and working freely to curb corruption in the country.

He had also expressed anguish over the criticism on NAB by the opposition and added that PML-N trying to make anti-corruption watchdog’s role controversial so as to escape from inquiries.



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