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Court orders inquiry into case of ‘torture by judge’ on maid girl

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Islamabad High Court has taken notice of the incident regarding allegedly mistreatment and torture on a young housemaid working at an additional session judge’s house, ARY News reported.

The young housemaid whose videos and photos went viral on social media with activists claiming that she was tortured by the someone within the judge’s family.

The 10-year-old girl who visibly seems to have been brutally beaten has given two contradictory statements about the incident. The first one before police and doctors she said she received the injuries after falling off stairs. However, in the second statement before the magistrate, she claimed the additional session judge’s family tortured her.

The case was registered against the accused in Industrial Area police station.

The additional session judge will not be able to use his judicial authority till completion of the inquiry.



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