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Creativity cannot breath without money: Shahrukh Khan

MUMBAI: Everyone who’s ever had a chance of hearing Bollywood Badshah,Shahrukh Khan speak, knows about his intelligence and wit.

Recently in an interview an Indian anchor/journalist Arnab Goswami was called as a speaker on the panel along with SRK to talk about rise of media.

Goswami is infamous for hogging his talk shows and never letting anyone speak for more that 30 secs, not even to answer the questions that he’s asked.

When asked a question about rise of Media and content production, SRK said that he firmly believes that content should triumph above all. He further said that he urges media houses to collaborate more on creativity and content and less on business.

He urged everyone to watch a movie first and then comment.

However Arnab picked on one of SRK’s word. SRK happened to mention profit a couple of times in his line, to which Arnab said

To which SRK wittingly replied;

Trust SRK to leave one of the most talkative anchor at a loss for words!



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