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CTD to modernize its Fourth Schedule supervision

KARACHI: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has decided to use modern technology to regulate its Fourth Schedule system, ARY News reported on Friday.

The new system will help the department to curb terrorism and crimes, sources said.

According to the CTD sources, under the new system, the record of fingerprints and other samples of the people enlisted in the Fourth Schedule will be maintained. The department will install the bio-metric machines at its offices and will get bio-metric attendance of the people enlisted in the Fourth Schedule, department sources said.

The department will launch legal action against the people who will be found absent from their places.

The compiled data will be interlinked with the CTD headquarters, the department sources added.

The new system will plug the holes in the system regulating the list of terrorism suspects, facilitators and other hardened criminals, sources said.

What is Fourth Schedule

The Fourth Schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act provides the police powers to keep vigil on the history-sheeters found to be or suspected to be involved in anti-state activities, delivering hate speeches and/or activists of religious outfits not yet banned but related with militancy in any way.

The fourth schedule restricts the movement of a person placed on the list from the place of his permanent residence without seeking prior permission from police. Besides, he is bound to keep police informed of the place of visit and the people he meets during his stay.



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