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Customs official caught taking bribe from flyer carrying cigarette cartons

ISLAMABAD: A Customs official has been caught red-handed taking bribe from a passenger at Islamabad International Airport to allow carrying 41 cigarette cartons seized by security officials, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The official was arrested during the action of a sensitive institution when he received Rs15,000 as bribe from a British citizen who is going to depart to Manchester through Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight number PK-701.

Customs bribe cigarette passenger

According to details, Airports Security Force (ASF) officials confiscated 41 cigarette cartons from the passenger, Muhammad Hussain, and handed him over to Customs official, Ashraf, at Islamabad airport.

Later, the Customs official Ashraf allowed Hussain to take the cartons with him after receiving a bribe of Rs15,000 when the passenger went to the washroom during the boarding process.

Customs bribe cigarette passenger

An officer of a sensitive institution took immediate action and caught Ashraf red-handed over his illegal act. The security officials have returned the money to the passenger, who later thanked the staff in a written note.

Customs bribe cigarette passenger

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) took notice of the matter and terminated services of Ashraf who has been asked to report to the headquarter.

The airport administration has also lodged a complaint to the higher authorities of the Customs Department against the arrested official.

Earlier in September last year, a British citizen had been offloaded from PK-701 after he attempted to bribe customs officials and Airport Narcotics Force (ANF).

As per details, the passenger named Sohail was flying to Manchester from Islamabad International Airport via Pakistan International Airline.

Sohail intended to carry 18 packets of cigarette on the flight when customs and ANF staff hindered the passenger, he offered them a bribe while filming the scene, sources said. The man was immediately offloaded by the PIA staff after the incident.



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