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Darul Sehat administration framed employee in Nishwa’s case, claims sister

KARACHI: The sister, Areeba, of an employee of Darul Sehal hospital claimed on Saturday that his brother was framed by the medical facility’s administration in the case of administering wrong injection to minor girl, Nishwa.

The case, which has sent waves of dismay across the metropolis, took a new turn when the sister of Darul Sehat’s nurse Agha Moiz revealed that his brother was on leaves for two weeks when the sick girl was being treated at the hospital.

“Moiz was on two-week leaves when this incident happened. He was lured into coming to the hospital from home and was given into the police custody,” Areeba alleged.

The sister of the arrested employee further stated that when Moiz was on duty, none of the case had gone wrong. But she maintained that his brother was pressurized to give a false statement and was assured by hospital’s administration that he will be spared later.

“We have been receiving threatening calls,” Areeba told ARY News, questioning the fact that “why the administration of the hospital has not been arrested yet? Even when they are booked in the FIRof the case.”

The First Information Report (FIR) clearly declared the Darul Sehat administration to be responsible for the case, then why only Moiz is being arrested? she pointed out.

“Moiz is not the only person who was running Darul Sehat Hospital, where is his in-charge, other higher officials and doctors? and why are they not nabbed so far?” she reiterated registering her protest, while demanding a thorough investigation into the case.

A nine-month-old girl, Nishwa, was paralysed after being administered ‘wrong injection’ by the ‘untrained nursing staff’ at the hospital last week, the father of the victim girl, Qaiser, had alleged.

Qaiser said that he brought his twin daughters to the hospital for the treatment of diarrhea. He added her daughters were injected three drips on different timings. The father said that condition of one of his daughters Nishwa was worsened just after the family was preparing to leave for home from the medical facility.




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