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PM Nawaz announces 20-point anti-terror plan

PM Nawaz, in his televised speech, apprised nation of the National Action Plan to fight terrorism. He also underlined that the Peshawar attack  has waken up the entire country.

The prime minister detailed 20 points of terrorism action plan in speech which are as follows:

1- Special courts headed by the officers of armed forces will be established for the speedy trial of terrorists. These courts will be established for the term of two years.

2- Sources of terrorist funding will be blocked.

3- Banned terror outfits will not be allowed to operate under new/different names.

4- Special anti-terrorism force will be formed.

5- A system would be evolved for registration of religious seminaries.

6- Total blackout of terrorists will be observed on media.

7- Communication system of terrorist organizations will be destroyed.

8- Hate literature and propaganda to promote sectarianism, extremism and intolerance would not be allowed and effective action would be taken against newspapers and periodicals involved in such practices.

9- Grand Plan will be formulated for repatriation of Afghan refugees.

10- Implementation underway for the execution of convicts on death row.

11- Sectarian terrorists will be dealt with iron-hands.

12- National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta) will be made active and effective.

13- The protection of minorities will be ensured.

14- Ongoing operation in Karachi would be taken to its logical conclusion.

15- Under a broader political understanding, all stakeholders would empower Balochistan Government.

16- A comprehensive policy would be formulated for Afghan refugees.

17- Steps would be taken for immediate return and rehabilitation of the Internally Displaced Persons. Administrative reforms and developmental activities would be expedited in FATA.

18- Communication networks of terrorist organizations will be dismantled.

19- Fundamental reforms are being expedited to revamp the criminal judicial system in order to strengthen counter-terrorism departments.

20- Actions are being undertaken to stop the promotion of terrorism on social media and internet.

PM said that Peshawar attack jolted the whole nation and vowed that we will avenge the blood of our children from terrorists.



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