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Man given death sentence for decapitating infant, mother gets 25 years in jail

A murderer of an infant will be shot in the back of the head by the Belarus state executioner for the cruel murder of baby Hanna, ARY News reported.

The 48-year-old individual lost his Supreme Court appeal in Belarus against the death sentence for killing and decapitating the eight-month-old girl.

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The perpetrator, Viktar Syarhel waived off his right to seek clemency from President Alexander Lukashenko after the court ruled him guilty of the heinous crime.

The child’s mother Nataliya Kolb, 26, lost her appeal against a maximum jail sentence in the same incident and was awarded 25 years in prison.

By law, only men can face capital punishment in Belarus, the only state in Europe which still imposes the death penalty for serious crimes.

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Syarhel and Klob, who are family friends were drinking alcohol in the flat when they killed the defenceless child.

The father of the child came home with the couple’s other children aged four and six who he had taken out with him, upon his return he discovered his daughter’s severed head and a pool of blood.

A neighbour said: “He saw a scene out of the horror movies. The ambulance doctor fainted when she came in.”

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The child had 46 separate injuries on her body and was killed with a kitchen knife.

The baby had been badly beaten before being killed and the murder was with ‘particular cruelty’, the closed-door session of Brest Regional Court ruled on the harrowing incident.



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