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Debate over MQM’s leader May 12 confessions continues

In an interview with ARY News, Altaf alleged that during the investigation Akhtar has also mentioned the names of several criminal elements that work to create unrest in the country particularly Karachi.

On his disclosure, Aslam Kaala was arrested while recovering three weapons from his possessions, said the investigation official.

The official continued to state that at least seven cases were registered against the MQM leader relating to the May 12 episode.

Since it is a high-profile case, Altaf said, a letter has been sent to the interior ministry to constitute a JIT.

Akhtar and his party insisted that he had made no confession or even a disclosure about the May 12 events as claimed by the police that they had a JIT report in which Akhtar confessed that he planned the violence on the instruction of the party’s high command.

The MQM leader was initially taken into custody on July 19 in the terror facilitation case pertaining to providing treatment and shelter to alleged terrorists in hospitals run by Dr Asim Hussain, the main accused in the case.



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