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Deepika Padukone says Vin Diesel is in love with her

Bollywood Deepika Padukone who recently rubbed shoulders with who’s who of Bollywood surprised her fans and perhaps her rumoured beau Ranveer Singh too by her latest statement.  

In an interview with France 24, the actress claimed that her Hollywood co-star Vin Diesel is “in love with her if one sets the record straight”. Yes, you read that right.

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As the interviewer asked her a number of questions about her Hollywood debut ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’  alongside Vin Diesel and the first one was that Padukone seemed little bit in love with Vin Diesel, Deepika giggled, smiled broadly and said, “Excuse me, he is in love with me.”

“Let’s set the record straight,” she continued, “He’s adorable. He’s just the most amazing person I have (ever) met. He is generous, kind and the reason I have had all these amazing experiences and because he had faith in my talent and what I can do for his movie and he is a friend for life.”

Speaking about her first Hollywood movie, one of the most outspoken Bollywood actress said the most extreme thing she had done in her life for a flick was for ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’, which has been released the following year.

“I had to learn how to shoot guns… real guns. It sounds and looks very cool, but it’s really really loud. So I think this is probably the most extreme thing I have done for a film,” she said.

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Q: Do you get bored of the glamour and to look beautiful all of the time?

DP: I don’t get bored. Because, I think I balance it out. In my private life, you will never see me with make up on. In fact, even after all these years I still do not know how to do my own make up. I think it is fun to dress up and to have designers to make some amazing clothes. That’s part of my life and the girl in me.

Q: As Cannes turns 70 this year, what would you do when you will be 70?

DP: I will have my home along the beach and live a happy and peaceful life with my children and grandchildren.

Talking about precarious circumstances that women face in India, the Bollywood queen said women are fighting for equal rights in India. There are two things everybody is talking about one is equality and the other is diversity. It is important that we talk about all these things.

Padukone is currently attending the 70th Cannes Film Festival in France. She is one of the most photographed women alive and these days mostly busy with her Bollywood film project Padmavati.



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