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Delivery bikes likely to be banned from main, ring roads

The traffic authorities of Kuwait has decided to impose a ban on delivery motorbikes on main and ring roads due to a rise in accidents.

The Kuwaiti traffic authorities will soon impose a ban on delivery bikes on main roads in view of increasing motorbike accidents. Major Abdullah Bu Hassan, the media officer at the directorate, announced that the General Directorate of Traffic will issue a decree to protect the lives of road users.

He added that delivery motorbikes will be restricted to residential areas according to stringent regulations, Gulf News reported.

The officer gave the reason that some motorbikers do not observe security and safety regulations on the road and stick to driving in the right lane and move at high speed among lanes, behaviour that has resulted in tragic accidents.

It may be noted here that the delivery services have reportedly thrived in Kuwait due to restrictions imposed to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

Earlier, Kuwait’s traffic authorities had launched a WhatsApp service via which it has so far received a total of 66,000 messages including complaints, observations and queries, Bu Hassan quoted by Gulf News.

A total of 6,813 road mishaps were registered in Kuwait resulting in 352 deaths last year, he said. Regarding traffic violations, he said that 29,000 road infringements related to talk on mobile phones while driving and lack of attention behind the wheel were booked last year.



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