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Democracy essential for peace and stability, says Ayaz Sadiq

ISLAMABAD: Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq on International Democracy Day on Friday said that continuation of democratic process is essential for peace, economic development, and stability in the country.  

“Aim of celebrating the day is to strengthen democratic nations and discourage the dictators,” the state radio quoted him as saying.

He opined that democracy guarantees economic, social development, international peace, stability and freedom of fundamental human rights.

The International Day of Democracy is observed across the world on September 15 every year.

This year’s theme of democracy and conflict prevention focuses on the critical need to strengthen democratic institutions to promote peace and stability.

The UN general assembly decided on November 8, 2007, to make September 15 as the annual date to observe the International Day of Democracy. The assembly invited people and organizations, both government and non-government, to commemorate the International Day of Democracy.

The UN strives to achieve its goals of peace, human rights, and development. It believes that human rights and the rule of law are best protected in democratic societies. The UN also recognizes a fundamental truth about democracy everywhere – that democracy is the product of a strong, active and vocal civil society.

It also called for all governments to strengthen their national programs devoted to promoting and consolidating democracy.



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