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Details of expenditure occurred on PM’s foreign trips submitted in NA

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday presented details of the expenditure occurred on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s foreign trips in the National Assembly (NA).

The foreign ministry informed the lower house about PM Imran’s visits of foreign country from September 18 to November 20 that the total of rs40.381 million expenditure, incurred during his trips of abroad.

“Total of rs3.99 million were spent on Saudi Arabia’s tour, rs0.433 million on United Arab Emirates (UAE) trip, rs 0.870 million rupees on the second tour to KSA and rs20.44 million were spent on tour to China,” the foreign ministry told national assembly.

The written reply also apprised the house that on the second visit of Abu Dhabi on November 18, rs3.909 million and PM’s visit to Malaysia cost rs7.543 million.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister after assuming charge of his office, after wining 2018 general elections, had visited 6 foreign countries.

He visited United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) twice and a single trip to China and Malaysia.



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