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How to detect spy cameras in changing rooms?

Alarming reports of installation of hidden cameras in trial rooms of shopping malls, hotel rooms and toilets have surfaced recently spreading fear among people of unethical recording of their private moments.

One must be vigilant of his surroundings while at any such public places. Experts have given some tips on how to protect oneself from secretly installed cameras in dressing rooms?

There are some spy cameras that do not look like cameras even if you watch them closely, but following these simple tips one can easily detect existence of any camera around:

  • After entering the room look around if there is any hidden camera.


  • See how many mirrors are there and touch each mirror with your finger tip to see if it was a full mirror or one-way/ semitransparent mirror. If there is a gap between your finger and the image in the mirror then it is a full mirror, while if your finger touches its image, it is one-way mirror and it means that somebody might be watching you.


  • Open internet through phone data, if browser page is not opening properly, there may be a hidden camera at that place.


  • Make phone call, if call is not being made then there are big chances of secretly installed cameras.




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