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So Aamir Khan never rejected Shah Rukh Khan’s Darr?

Yash Chopra’s iconic movie Darr had a dark character on offer to be played by a man known as hero to the audience. It was a risky job for a hero who had been playing positive roles.

There are reports that the role was first offered to Ajay Devgan, however he did not respond with a positive sign, then Aamir Khan was asked to play the character. Reports say that Aamir had also rejected the movie, which was later released in 1993.

Then, the lady luck smiled at Shah Rukh Khan. Initially, he was too reluctant thinking that the movie might prove to be fatal for his career, however, he took it as a challenge and played the damn evil looking role of obsessive lover in such a fascinating manner that his fans could not forget it even after decades, specially ‘the kkkKirran dialogue’.

The film was an instant blockbuster at the box office. It gave SRK impetus.


In an interview to local Indian media, Aamir opened up about this controversy and said it was all a fallacy. He said he had agreed for the role but on his own terms.


Aamir opens up about offer for Darr

“One, I did not walk out of Darr. I was removed from the film. Two, I was removed from the film because I asked for a joint narration with Sunny Deol. Initially, the director agreed, but later I don’t know why he changed his mind.

“When I persisted, he phoned to say ‘Aamir, let’s work some other time.’ So I said, ‘Fine’ I said that success and failure are not in my control. But using my judgment for choosing a success or a failure most certainly is. And I was using this judgement when I accepted Darr,” Aamir said.

He said, “When I said yes to Darr, I was absolutely sure of two things – one that the film was going to click and two, that I was going to enjoy doing the role. My doubts about my enjoying it, surfaced when the director refused to give a joint narration. In a way I was relieved when I was finally out of the film, because this was better than suffering all through its shooting. If I felt sad, it was about my missing out on a very good role.”


After Darr, many Bollywood heroes tried their luck in a negative role but all ended in abortive. Aamir did play a similar role in Ghajini in 2008 but it could not make an equal impact.






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