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‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’: Ulfat’s end had everyone crying!

Ulfat’s end had everyone crying!

As ARY Digital’s most popular play came to an end on Tuesday, social media is flooded with praises for Neelam Muneer, who played the protagonist in the play, and the whole team behind the play.

The play that made even the naysayers watch dramas remained on top of ratings chart throughout its 30-episode run.

The last episode just broke all records.

Fans watched with awe and attachment, the end of the women they all loved to hate, and many said they were completely taken away by the flow of emotions when Ulfat had to come back to Afzal for help in the very same office where she insulted him and demanded divorce.

They say they cried when Afzal expressed remorse and said (to Ulfat’s picture) that he never ever stopped loving her.

Now a dutiful wife of her ailing husband, the curtain fell on the popular play with Ulfat saying that she deserved what has happened to her.

‘Who could have played it better than you, Neelam’

Neelam Muneer made almost every TV fan, her fan, with the portrayal of Ulfat, the greedy and ambitious girl who ruins her own life in the pursuit of her unattainable dreams.

People just took to Twitter to express her admiration for Neelam who just set the mini-screen on fire with her performance.

As ARY Digital once caught up with Neelam about the effort she put in to come up as Ulfat, she revealed that she choose bright dresses and tied her hair in a certain manner to give herself a chic look to play the character.

“I chose a simple three strand braid and picked bright colours to wear; normally I don’t wear such colors,” said Neelum Muneer.

She added that she put in a lot of effort to make Ulfat appear real and the dialogues helped her quite a bit in her journey.

“I am in love with Ulfat and I think everyone loves Ulfat,”the actress had said.

The drama broke all previous records and became the best rated drama ever aired by ARY Digital.

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