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Do you know how to stop WhatsApp message from being delivered?

Majority of chatting apps’ addicts have been in an embarrassing situation of mistakenly sending a message to somebody who was not actual recipient of it.

And once the damage is done, it can’t be undone – in most of the instances.

But, we can tell you a solution to avert this discomforting error on your part, but what you just need is promptness in reaction.

In order to unsend a message which is already sent to the contact, turn off the WiFi on the mobile before the message is sent. You need to be extremely quick in this act, in fact even before the right tick (sent sign) appears below the message.


Also, if you do not want the person to read the unintended message, then notice the clock icon below the message. It means the message has not been sent yet or there is a lack of data coverage. In this case there is still time to fix the case by deleting the message before it is actually sent.


WhatsApp is usually very quick and the messages are sent to the recipient within a flash of time. So be alert and solve the mistake within a fraction of a second! The quickest way to turn off the cellular data is by turning the phone in airplane mode.

There is another option too and this is more interesting!

Meaning of signs in WhatsApp


You can block the contact person to whom you have sent the unintended message before it gets delivered, i.e. before the double tick appears below the message. This will save you from humiliation. You can’t block and unblock the person within the same span of time. Wait for at least 30 days to unblock the person, because WhatsApp stores an undelivered message for 30 days.

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In case the person is unblocked before 30 days, there are chances of him getting the unintended message.

Next time you fall under the trap of sending the wrong message to the wrong person, then recollect the tricks and get saved from humiliation.




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