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Unable to get ventilator, doctor dies of Covid at same hospital he served at for 50 years

NEW DELHI: A renowned doctor succumbed to COVID-19 after inability to find a ventilator at the same hospital he served at for over 50 years in India’s Uttar Pradesh.

According to the details, Dr JK Mishra, 85, a senior physician at Swarup Rani Nehru (SRN) hospital in Prayagraj lost his life after he failed to get a ventilator for himself at the same hospital he worked for five decades.

Local media reported that Dr Mishra started showing symptoms of COVID-19 on 13th of April. He got himself tested for the virus and the results came positive. The doctor was admitted to SRN hospital three days later where he was receiving his treatment.

Dr Mishra condition deteriorated soon after being admitted and was advised by the doctors to be shifted to a ventilator facility. Unfortunately, no critical facility could be found in the hospital or anywhere in the city. Meanwhile, the doctor succumbed to COVID-19 in the hospital.

Talking to journalists, SRN hospital emergency medical officer said that the hospital has only 100 ventilator beds and all were occupied and it was not possible for the authorities to shift any patient from there.



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