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Does Shaan want Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane banned?

Recently, Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid had voiced his dissent and disgust over Saif Ali Khan’s controversial comments regarding Pakistan. Shaan had referred to Saif Ali Khan as ‘faithless’ and warned him not to cross the border with hatred in his heart.

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From Shaan’s aggressive reply, it seems that the actor is serious as far as hitting out at anti-Pakistan statements are concerned. Recently, Mawra Hocane shared her views on the controversial flick Phantom, via a series of tweets from her official Twitter account:-

Shaan “It’s about an incident where humanity suffered. It’s not about the suffering of a Pakistani or Indian. #Phantom.”

This is how one of Mawra Hocane’s tweets read. The Pakistani actress was in Cape Town shooting for her upcoming Bollywood film. However, her comments were not taken lightly by Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid, who shared Mawra’s tweets in a post from his Facebook account:-

Mawra amde it clear in other tweets as well that she stood for love and brotherly relations between both countries.

Is Mawra Hocane issuing such statements in a bid to win over the Indian masses, in light of her upcoming Bollywood releases? Also, so far the actress has declined to comment on Shaan’s question of ‘Should we ban the actress who supports an anti-Pakistan movie?”

Pakistan has earlier reacted strongly to Phantom and banned the film after Hafiz Saeed’s petition. Could Mawra’s new statements spell trouble for her?



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