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Dog bite vaccine available at some Karachi hospitals: Commissioner

KARACHI: Commissioner of Karachi, Iftikhar A Shallwani has said that the dog bite vaccine is available at some hospitals in the city.

Commenting over incidents of dog bite in the metropolis, the commissioner said that non-availability of vaccine remains a chronic problem.

He said that an emergent action was taken over the dog bite incident in Karachi on Monday and the vaccine was made available at the hospital in F.C. Area immediately.

Shalwani said that stray dogs caught and kept in shelter but it has no further capacity.

Capturing dogs and killing them on mass level will cause disrepute to the city, the city commissioner said.

Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani yesterday directed the deputy commissioners of different districts to immediately approach their respective municipal authorities for a comprehensive plan to protect citizens against repeated instance of dog bites and consequent risks of rabies in the metropolis.

Taking strong exception to the reported cases of dog bites in few of the most thickly populated areas of Karachi Central on Monday night, he said public safety is a collective responsibility and cannot be ignored at any level.

He emphasized mass vaccination of dogs themselves against rabies must be ensured to help end the infection transmitted to people by rabid dogs.

He urged for a scientific approach for elimination of stray dogs through proper and regular training of veterinary doctors serving at the public facilities as well as those practicing privately.

It is pertinent to mention here that in a recent incident 12 people including a police official were rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital of the city for vaccination after a rabid dog bitten them, but doctors refused to administer the Anti-Rabies Vaccine due to the non-availability of ARV.

The Sindh High Court also hearing a petition over the action against stray dogs and shortage of anti-rabies vaccine.



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