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Dog steals reporter’s mic during live broadcast, video goes viral

In a hilarious incident, a journalist was preparing to update viewers about the weather when a pet dog suddenly barged into the frame, snatched her mic and escaped from the scene during a live broadcast in Russia.

According to the details, the incident took place when Nadezhda Serezhkina was preparing to update viewers about the weather for the coming days.


Suddenly, a golden retriever, intrigued by the microphone, barged into the frame and grabbed it from her hand and ran away, leaving the news anchor stunned.

The cameraperson, who kept filming, caught how Serezhkina tried to chase the pooch to get her mic back.

The broadcast was not interrupted and viewers could see everything that happened from beginning to end. The presenter in the studio tried to save the situation as she informed viewers that they had lost the connection to the correspondent and would soon get back.

The video went viral on Twitter after reporter Ali Özkök posted it on the mirco-blogging site bringing light to the on-air mishap.

Luckily, the journalist caught up with the dog and retrieved her microphone after a while. The reporter updated viewers that the dog did take a bite or two of the microphone, but the pooch was “uninjured”, Times Now News reported.

People on social media loved the “pawsome interruption” and said it brightened their day. “Mic looks like a popsicle, who can blame the adorable dog?” commented one user. “Obviously microphones in Russia are made out of bacon,” another remarked.




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