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Boy mauled to death by dogs when parents busy in partying

An eleven-year-old was reportedly mauled to death by dogs outside a house in Russia while his parents were busy in partying for days-long New Year holiday at friends’ residence.

The family had reportedly visited dog-breeding friends near Moscow to spend the holiday and they remained unnoticed about the boy during the New Year party who went outside and attacked by dogs, investigators said.

According to reports, the adults were preoccupied with eating and drinking during a party that stretched on for days and no one noticed his absence. The unlucky boy had died at the scene after being attacked by dogs whose body was found by an acquaintance on Saturday, whereas, other children were also ignored.

His mother was reportedly found intoxicated when the officers reached to her to tell her about the boy’s death.

Local police began a probe into possible negligent homicide.



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