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Locals thrash Dolphin force officials, pelt stones and damage motorbikes

LAHORE: Law enforcers ‘Dolphin Force’ went toe to toe in a pier-six brawl with the residents of a vicinity in Lahore resulting in major damage incurred on the security officials and their expensive motorbikes, ARY News reported.

Video footage of the feud reveals the residents pelting the dolphin force officials with stones and damaging their motorbikes, the perpetrators can clearly be identified with the help of video evidence.

Security officials took to aerial firing to scatter the mob hell bent on thrashing them.

4 out of the 200 alleged attackers have been arrested by law enforcers after the incident took place.

Names of those arrested thus far have been revealed to be, Tanveer, Waseem, Mohsin and Amir Rashid.

It is being reported that the Dolphin force tried to stop a few individuals involved in one-wheeling on motorbikes, the law enforcers who tried to put an end to the dangerous and illegal activity were met with stiff resistance from the locals who came out in support of the boys involved in extreme motor sports on busy roads of Lahore.

Dolphin Force is an elite security unit of the Punjab Police to deal with street crime. It was launched by the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore.

Dolphin force officials have gained notoriety in the recent past for acting over aggressively and killing two innocent civilians.



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