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Driver rams brand new car into showroom wall, video goes viral

A video clip which went viral on social media platforms showed a brand new car slammed into a showroom’s wall by its driver minutes after its delivery.

A dealership employee was seen guiding the driver of a brand new Kia Carnival minivan, whereas, a couple of people were also sitting inside the vehicle. Just after the car started moving on, the driver has apparently lost control and rammed it straight into a wall.

It showed that the driver tried to reverse it but it hits the wall a couple of times more which some users speculate that the man did not know how to drive the automatic vehicles.

The video, which went viral on social media platforms in June this year after it was earlier uploaded on YouTube, was now also posted by the Indian actor and comedian Sunil Grover on its Instagram that has garnered over 1 million views.

driver brand new car showroom wall viral video

In the YouTube video, the channel said that the man was lucky that airbags triggered in the right time that both driver and passenger are safe. It added, ‘Hitting a 38 lakhs worth car is not simple thing to forget.’



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