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‘Matchmaker’ breaks silence on Feroze Khan, Alizey marriage

So the ‘Chup Raho’ actor Feroze Khan married Alizey and everyone is asking the same question.

Who is she? How come we didn’t know anything about her before her marriage with Feroze?

So here is a story by Dua Malik, the sister, the match-maker who played the cupid between the newly weds.

Feroze and Humaima Malick’s sister Dua, who is married to singer Sohail Haider, took to Instagram to tell the story everyone was waiting for or perhaps worried about.

“Let me tell you a story. 4 years back i went to my in-laws dinner. As we gathered i saw this girl serving food to guests. ‘Sohail, Dekhna I will get a girl like her for Feroz, I wish i had a little sister like her’ I whispered to Sohail. She requested me to take a picture with her and did she even know that request she made was not to Dua Malik. It was her elder sister, her mother, her lover, her admirer, her nand (sister in law), her Dua Baji. I love you Aliza. I love you a lot you know why? coz I never had a little sister. I was the youngest myself. and now I can rule over you and love u like crazy! proud to call you MY CHOICE💋💕 kamyabi khushyan tmharay kadam chumen. dushmaan zeyr hoon! or haasid andhayy!!”

Well, we too wish the newlyweds a happy married life!



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