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Edhi becomes third Pakistani to receive military honor at burial ceremony

Before him only two persons had got such an honor in Pakistan. Edhi’s body covered with Pakistan’s flag was brought on a gun carriage vehicle amid high security provided by Pakistan Navy from Mithadar to National Stadium Karachi.


Army personnel brought the saint’s body at the location of funeral prayer where Molana Ahmed Khan Niazi led the prayer.

Pakistan forces’ heads saluted Abdul Sattar Edhi, while he was given 19-gun salutation at the burial ceremony. He is the third Pakistani who has been buried with full military honor.


Founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s burial was conducted with full military honor. He was the first Pakistani whose body was brought on gun carriage vehicle. Pakistan Army had presented guard of honor to his burial ceremony.


The second Pakistani to receive this honor was General Zia-ul-Haq whose burial ceremony was given full military honor.


Usually, this honor is given to head of state, however Edhi has been given this honor without his being head of state. May be his being king of heart has earned him this reward.


According to the military traditions, the body is brought on a gun carriage vehicle with military honor. This tradition was started by British Empire. Queen Victoria’s coffin was brought on gun carriage vehicle in that era.


Gun carriage vehicle




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