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Edhi’s eyes to live after his life

This is what he could only offer after his departure as according to his son, Faisal Edhi, his other body parts could not be transplanted because of his old age and diabetes. He served whole his life for the battered humanity and spread the network of ambulance to an unmatched great extent. He had wished all his body parts to be donated.

The national hero has been revered throughout his life as a ‘living saint’ in Pakistan or you could call him ‘Mother Teresa’ of his country for the ailing souls.

Edhi’s eyes were removed through operation before his burial as per his testament to be donated to a needy person.

Edhi, 88, died late on Friday after a long kidney illness, triggering an outpouring of grief in the impoverished nation of 190 million for a man who transcended social, ethnic and religious divisions.

Over nearly 60 years Edhi’s charitable arm, the Edhi Foundation, established clinics and orphanages across Pakistan and ran a vast fleet of ambulances, offering help to poor communities failed by inadequate public health and welfare services.



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