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VIDEO: Elephant creates traffic chaos to ‘steal’ sugarcane from passing truck

BANGKOK: A traveler on a road in Thailand captured an incredible video of an elephant blocking traffic for ‘stealing’ sugar cane from passing trucks.

The video, filmed on a road in Chachoengsao, shows the elephant wandering into the road and blocking traffic so it can snatch sugar cane from the backs of passing trucks.

Reports cited eye witnesses as saying that the elephant attempted to steal from more than 12 different vehicles in the span of about two hours before wandering back into the jungle.

elephant steal sugarcane

“He was a big elephant so nobody was brave enough to get near him and push him back into the trees,” witness Arnie Banpho said. “Cars were driving very slowly passed him and there were big queues while they waited for him.”

Kovit, head of wild elephant care at the Khao Ang Rue Nai mountains, said the elephants in the area are not aggressive.

elephant steal sugarcane

“The elephants in this area are friendly and never harm anyone. He only wanted some food,” Boonphanuk said.

“Truck drivers who use the road regularly are familiar with elephants and take extra care but this was an unusual occasion when the animal stopped many vehicles and would not leave.

We would like to remind anyone who encounters elephants while in their vehicles to stay well back, do not use the car horn and do not shout at them.

elephant steal sugarcane

“Let the elephants continue what they are doing, or they may become angry,” he added.




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