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Entry of male VIPs banned at girls’ schools in KP

PESHAWAR: In an unprecedented move, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has barred entry of male VIPs into the girls’ schools.

The school administration issued directives to the schools’ management to invite only female members and the role models as chief guests to the sports, annual and other functions.

According to a statement, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan directed his adviser on education Ziaullah Bangash to ensure exemplary educational environment in the girls’ schools throughout the province.

In addition, the the chief minister instructed that the education department should also discourage the publicity of such social and annual functions of girls’ schools on social media, adding the girls should be given education in true spirit making them aware of the social, culture and Islamic values.

Meanwhile, the chief minister took notice of a raid conducted by police on a house at Bhana Mari Peshawar and directed the police chief to probe the matter.

“The enquiry should look into different angles and dimensions of the alleged violation of the privacy as the police reportedly entered the house without any women police as complained by aggrieved family members and reported by the local media,” the Chief Minister instructed.

He sought a comprehensive report determining and fixing responsibilities on those who were responsible for the incident.



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