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Shocking moment: Escaped cow attacks patients after running into a hospital

A video footage showed an escaped cow attacking patients after running into a hospital that caused immediate panic among the visitors in Colombia.

The incident took place at the Hospital San Rafael in the northwestern Colombian department of Antioquia on Saturday.

Some frightened visitors were seen running to a corner for safety after being followed by the cow. A woman got injured after being pinned to the wall by the ferocious cow.

The cow, which is attached to a flailing lead, falls several times on the hospital’s laminate floors, allowing some patients to escape, Dailymail UK reported.

escaped cow attacks hospital patients video

The woman was left trapped on the floor and the cow appears to kick her against the wall as she cowers in the corner of the hospital waiting room.

Later, two men came in and manage to grab the animal’s lead and pull it across the room towards the exit. The cow slams against chairs as it is pulled away from the defenceless woman – but suddenly the animal breaks free from the men’s grip.

In a shocking scene, the cow charges at the woman again and appears to stand on her.

One of the men rushes in and taunts the cow before the animal is finally seen exiting the hospital. The attacked woman looks in a state of shock as she stands up and reaches for a door to look for help.

A second video shows the incident from outside of the hospital where a group of locals clap and whistle at the cow to try and goad it out of harm’s way. But they are seen running away as the animal exits the medical centre.

Local newspaper Vanguardia said nobody was seriously injured in the incident as the trampled woman was treated for minor contusions and pain while the rest of the patients did not seek treatment.

The rogue cow also damaged two motorcycles at the hospital’s entrance and some chairs in the waiting room.

Vanguardia said the cow’s owner went to the hospital to apologise for the incident and asked about the woman’s health as well as the material damage. There have been no reports on the police opening an investigation.



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